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    Medbit is an app
    that lets you find and
    in Kenya.

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    Simple. For Everybody.

    With Medbit you can book doctors that you want at a time that you choose.

    It’s as easy as 1-2–3!

    Step 1: Search

    Medbit’s database gives you access to 500+ doctors. Filter through the ones you want using time, date, specialty and so much more

    Step 2: Book

    Select the exact time and date you are free. Still unsure about who you want to see? Peruse through doctor reviews, pictures, and information.

    Step 3: Pay

    Pay using Mpesa. Or your debit/credit card. Or Paypal. Or EazzyPay. So. Many. Options.

    Doctor Tally

    Get the number of specialists available at the time and place selected.

    Quality Content

    Get high-quality pictures of the practice and specialist you want to see, shot by our dedicated media team.

    Closest to You

    Specialists displayed will be closest to you, arranged by a distance radius of your choosing.

    Verified Doctors

    Only registered Doctors are allowed to list on Medbit. No quacks here.


    Filter results by time, date, location, gender, Insurance compatibility,


    Detailed Map of Specialists around you. Beautiful and Minimal Design 

    What’s on offer.

    Medbit is jam-packed with cool features to help you book healthcare services easily on the fly.

    Some of our best work.

    A few screenshots of what we do. And what Medbit is capable of. Medbit simplifies the doctor booking process to make it easier for everyone to use.

    An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

    Mobile Money Integration

    Pay for your bookings using mainstream mobile money services such as Mpesa, Eazzypay, Paypal, credit and debit cards.

    Elegant Design

    Our ActiveMap and Intelligent filter systems make it a cinch to find the right fit.


    All providers listed on Medbit are honor-bound to fulfill booking requests, and with a wide network including over 300 doctors, Medbit ensures that you have a specialist ready to go whenever you need them.

    High-Quality Media

    Medbit ensures that users have access to high-quality pictures and videos of the practice that they are interested in visiting. These are gathered by our own in-house team.

    ‘As a parent, I rely on Medbit to book my doctor when my family is sick just as much as my kids rely on me’

    RebekahMother of three based in Nairobi
    More Reasons to Believe

    Social For-Profit

    We recognize our civic duty to our consumers, that’s why we’ve set up various mini-medical camps, charity runs, and donations.

    Are you a Specialist?

    Check out Medbit Pro.

    List your practice, accept booking requests and get paid – all from your mobile phone.

    If you’d like to register, organize a demo, or just want to find out more, use the form below to get in touch