At Medbit, we're building a new frontier of healthcare — a health-tech solution that allows healthcare recipients to access and book healthcare providers, and facilities in an intuitive, easy to use manner.


Healthcare for the
way people live

With Medbit, everything is 100% tech based. We bypass the hurdles imposed by traditional institutions and provide more patients in more places access to healthcare providers whenever and wherever they choose

A fresh approach to appointments

We enable patients to book appointments from definite, pre-made slots based on provider availability. With no paperwork or red tape, our appointment process is quick and gives patients an opportunity to consult with providers at their own convenience.

How it works

Building practices
and relationships

Medbit challenges the status quo and provides patients a digitized, frictionless opportunity to get quality healthcare and live life to the fullest. From the ease of our app to our responsive customer support team, everything we do is in service of delivering the best user experience.

A mission with far-reaching impact

With growing ubiquity of the smartphone and billions of underserved people across the globe, the market is ripe for disruption. Medbit is leading the way by bringing together cutting-edge technology and user-friendly mobile services to open new channels for personal empowerment and professional growth for providers.

Access equals opportunity

“Medbit is helping me expand my practice. It’s real, it’s reliable and simple to use.“

–  Dr. Mugo D. , Thika Dental Clinic

Be a part of the next big thing

Medbit has both enterprise and small-scale solutions for healthcare professionals in all fields. Our platform is designed to utilize machine learning and mobile technology to enable professional growth for your practice.